I'm thankful for being prompted to revisit the guidelines for this kind of situation.  RDA and AACR2 12.1B7 are essentially the same, although RDA calls for an ellipsis to indicate an omission at the beginning of the title, whereas AACR2 does not.  But both say the same thing, in regard to "If a title *includes* [something] that varies from issue to issue" (emphasis mine).  The LCRI for 12.1B7 is where we get the PCC clarification about grammatical linkage.  That is, the title *includes* the date, number, etc. if it is grammatically linked; the title does *not* include it if there is no grammatical linkage.


I think that same principle can apply here.  Note that all of the RDA examples are for titles that have the number, date, etc. grammatically linked.  The "Annual report" example in RDA gives more context than the same example had in AACR2.  "1st annual report" does seem to imply more grammatical connection than "2012 annual report".  At least, to me...


I'm going to start a thread in CONSRLST about this.


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Hi.  Iím wondering whether a mark of omission should be included in a title transcription.


Please take a look at CONSER record 2013269609.  The title is transcribed as


Cultura Poližtica de la Democracia en Chile y en las Amežricas, ...


I am really doubtful about that mark of omission.  (The capitalization is actually wrong alsoóit doesnít match the sourceóbut that isnít my point at the moment.)  The mark of omission stands for a date.  The date is not grammatically connected to the title phrase at all, though there is a comma between the phrase and the date, so I guess they are connected in a way.  The source looks like


Cultura Poližtica de la Democracia en Chile

y en las Amežricas, 2012:

Hacia la igualdad de oportunidades


The third line is a subtitle and based on the publisherís history will not be consistent.


Would you use a mark of omission, or simply end the title at ďAmežricas?Ē  Thanks.


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