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Subject: [PCCLIST] MARC 21 370 and 382 fields in NARs: New NACO policy


Hi everyone--


Sending this on behalf of colleagues in the LC Policy and Standards Division (PSD).


Dear NACO Folks,


We are pleased to announce information related to two fields commonly found in LC/NACO records:


370 (Associated place)


382 (Medium of performance)


Field 370 (Associated place):  After discussions on the PCC list, and by participants at the PCC Operations Committee meeting and PCC-related meetings at ALA Annual, the policy for formulating a place name to be used in field 370 will now be to use the authorized form of the place.  This practice should make it easier for catalogers to supply data for this field, and improve the potential for the data to be used in a linked environment.  It will no longer be necessary to re-formulate some place names to look the same as they would if they were being added as an addition to the access point in the 1XX. A revised DCM Z1 page for the 370 field, with examples, will be formally published in November-- a pre-publication version has been posted and may be applied.  Cataloger's are welcome to, but not required to, change the forms found on existing authority records.


Field 382 (Medium of performance):  The NACO nodes have now all completed the necessary work to implement the new first indicator and new subfields ($b, $d, $p, $n, $s, $v) that were added with MARC Authority Update no. 14 (  Catalogers may ignore the DCM Z1 information for field 382 that indicates these indicators/subfields may not be used.  A revised DCM Z1 page for the 382 field, with additional guidelines provided by the music cataloging community, will be formally published  in November-- a pre-publication version has been posted and may be applied. Cataloger's are welcome to, but not required to add the appropriate indicator and/or subfields to the forms found on existing authority records.


Location of pre-publication DCM Z1 pages, under "MARC 21 Encoding" on the Post RDA Implementation Guidelines and Standards page.


Note:  Changes from later MARC Updates (including new 368 subfields from MARC Update no. 15, and various fields in MARC Update no. 16) will be implemented in the future; stay tuned for more information.


Paul Frank

Acting Coordinator, NACO and SACO Programs

Cooperative Programs Section

Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division

Library of Congress

101 Independence Ave., SE

Washington, DC 20540-4230


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