When you have a production statement for an unpublished item (i.e. the second indicator is 0), the only core element is the production date. The place of production and the producer’s name are optional. (See RDA 2.7.) We generally leave them off when cataloging theses. Thus the 264 field has only $c:


264 #0 $c 1983.


You can, of course, include something if you choose. I would think whatever appears on the preferred source (title page) in the position of a “publisher” would be acceptable.


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Subject: 264 field for dissertations and theses


Dear colleagues,


I have a number of local dissertations and theses to catalog.  I am struggling with coding $a and $b for a 264 with second indicator 0 (production).


Is the producer the author of the dissertation/thesis?  Or the University to which the dissertation/thesis was submitted?


Thank you.


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