Hi Tom,

A broadcast WAV is just a subset of WAV, so, technically, the answer to
your question is "yes."  You can actually cram a lot into the header of a
WAV file.  Have you tried viewing the metadata in BWFMetaEdit?  Your
program of choice could (emphasis on could) be converting your stock WAV
file to a broadcast WAV w/o your knowing.  Differing programs save data to
the same fields in the metadata chunks, but label them different things in
the UI to make it easier for Joe Recordist to use.  Some programs also
support those fields in creating derivatives, but some don't.


On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 1:52 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Do regular WAV files (as opposed to BWAV files) have built-in tagging
> capability? I ask because I am able to use Tag&Rename to write tags to WAV
> files ripped from CDs, and the tags are visible in Foobar2000 player and
> carry over into dBPowerAmp conversions to FLAC or MP3. dB's cd ripper
> software also write tags to WAV files, which are recognizable in all the
> mentioned programs. They also show up in the PROPERTIES box of WinXP.
> BTW, I've come to love Tag&Reame again. I didn't know the guy was still
> updating it. It's now got capability to search Discogs, Allmusic, Amazon in
> the US and several other countries, and freedb for tags. I've used it to
> tag many the LP dubs, build the tags right into the WAV files so all
> trans-coding carries the tags. The tags also show up at my Logitech
> Squeezebox networked player.
> -- Tom Fine