(Apologies for cross-posting)

I am working on the design of an online tool to be used by institutions and
individuals possessing or using sound recording collections.  The tool is
in direct response to a recommendation in a recently published report by
the Library of Congress, the National Recording Preservation Plan.  The
recommendation calls for a sound recording collections directory that
includes both institutional organizations' collections and private
collectors' collections.

I am a Master's student at the University of Texas at Austin's School of
Information.  In addition to meeting the recommendation of the report by
the Library of Congress, I am designing this tool for an independent study

To better design the tool for use by institutions and individuals, I am
gathering information about each respective community and their sound
recording collections through a pair of surveys.  I received help
finalizing the surveys from members of the library, archive, private
collector, dealer, and information science communities.  My sincere and
enthusiastic thanks goes out to the ARSC members who assisted me with the
development of this survey.

The surveys can be taken online and will be open for responses until
November 11.  The links to access the two surveys are directly below.

Survey link for collectors:

Survey link for institutions:

If both surveys apply to you, there are no restrictions to prohibit you
from taking both.  Once you finish taking the first survey, a link will be
provided if you would like to take the second survey as well.  Or, you can
follow each link in this email to access the two surveys.

Many thanks in advance,

William R. Vanden Dries

MSIS Candidate, University of Texas at Austin School of Information
Chairman, Audio Preservation Fund
Graduate Research Assistant, Applied Research Laboratories
Student Technician, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center