I'm with you, but if you can give up high and low frequencies, and live
without high spl and low coloration, then single-ended triodes coupled with
horn-loaded Fostex banana-cone single-driver speakers can make a special
magic happen. Bose, but with clarity and subtlety. For some listeners, the
midrange is all that matters. Everything else is a distraction. If I was a
musician, I might be in that camp.

Here's an anecdote I have on good authority: George Szell complained that
his recordings had no highs. (!) Upon investigation, it was found that the
maestro's speakers were placed on the floor behind the furniture.

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I love this discussion. 
Which would you rather hit with a sharp steep short transient, the Krell or
the Cary?
Lemme guess. 
A beryllium neodymium tweet. 
33kHz resonance - stops in a dime.
Or a slowish tweeter. Like a cloth or propylene dome. Which rings into next
week when it's hit with the same spike.

Please pardon the misspellings and occassional insane word substitution I'm
on an iPhone