My copy in inventory is diferent.  Sepia and light yellow. "Melodies of the
Twenties. :iberty Music Shop. No album number. Records L-272-6.  Man in tux
(Petti?) in foreground. Tropical beach on left. Large hotel on right
(Savoy-Plaza?).  My inventory copy of the "Melodies of the Thirties" set
shows the band in black & white photo, red type. (6 piecs).  L-313-7. No
cover design credits.

Both have problems with the spine cloth splitting.  Both are in E-/E cond.
and would be $ 25 per set + shipping, if anyone is interested.

Steve Smolian

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Thomas Stern wrote:
> Just picked up 10" LP LMS-1000  MELODIES of the TWENTIES - Emile Petti and
his Orchestra.
> NICE John Held jr. jacket.  Catalog but no notes on back.
> Was this cover used on the 78rpm release?
Yes -- same artwork.

-- Jack Raymond