Hi Russell,
  I've seen reference to this BABAR recording. Offered on an
opera website as a CD (I assume CD-R) or mp3 download.  They state
" Poulenc's 'Babar, the little elephant', narrated by Noel Coward with the composer at the piano. It was issued by 
a small British label in 1959."
Other source indicate Coward recorded this with Poulenc, but do not give any details.

Does anyone have the COWARD BIO-BIBLIOGRAPHY - perhaps they have label/catalog info ?????

If it is "Dolphin", probably not the same company which issued the musical theater recordings.

Anyone know if the subject DOLPHIN label was part of DOUBLEDAY BOOKS?
A number of their cabaret albums were reissued by DRG Records.
Don't know if DRG is still in business, perhaps they know the history....

Best wishes, Thomas.

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Was Dolphin the label that had Story of Babar, read by Noel Coward with
Poulenc at the piano? (Not that I've ever encountered that record.)


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> Any additions, corrections to list below ???
> Thanks, Thomas.
> 1  Cyril Ritchard                      odd songs & a poem       Stuart
> Ross, piano
> 2  Nancy Walker                        I Can Cook Too           David
> Baker, piano
> 3  Elaine Stritch                      Stritch
>  orchestra/Deane Kincaide
> 4  Portia Nelson                       Autumn Leaves            Norman
> Paris Trio
> 5  Greta Keller                        XII O'CLOCK              The Norman
> Paris Trio
> 6  Julie Wilson                        LOVE                     ?
>     CD reissue on Fresh Sound
> 7  Hermione Gingold                    la gingold               Buster
> Davis
>     reissue on  DRG
> 8  Greta Keller                        This Is My Vienna        Walter
> Grimm, piano
> 9  Freddie Wacker                      Windy City Seven