Hi Matt:

See what you think of the sound samples here:

Given the relatively low price of a WAV download, it might be worth a try.

It's hard to make any definitive judgements from lossy-stream sound excerpts, but the percussion 
sounds sharp and there's nice clarity for a 1979 small-studio album.

To my ears, Fania often had the problem of using small studios with loud sound sources. Even with 
typical 1970s sound-deadening materials and dead-room recording techniques, putting a couple of 
trumpets and Latin percussion in a small space doesn't lead to ideal results. Bottom line, this 
music is played LOUD, and the recording setup needs to deal with SPLs accordingly. Some of the live 
recordings sound much better, just because the sound waves had room to move beyond the microphones 
and dissipate in the big open spaces.

-- Tom Fine

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>I too am pleased to hear of these remasterings. Ray Barreto's
> mind-blowing Rican/Struction not only sounds muffled on the cd issue,
> but the very beginning of the first track is cut off. I can't believe
> a professional was involved in that mastering.
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