Gee, Lou, I guess my error is to be expected after all.

No, I haven't used it.

If you have used it, would you like to post some example of it going after print-through? This would 
be a very useful tool for many of us, if it works.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Advice needed on removing / minimizing tape bleed-through

> Tom, what you describe about time constants dos not make sense in my experience with RX1, 2, and 3 
> Advanced. You don't set it in a time-based way; it responds to program material in more or less 
> real time (plus the latency for processing).
> If you haven't used it, your error is to be expected, but if you have, then whatever do you mean 
> by time constant?
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> On Oct 23, 2013, at 5:02 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> I would think you'd need to constantly tweak the Izotope software because the time constant 
>> wouldn't be, well, constant. Print-through is layer-to-layer, so as the tape unwinds, the 
>> distance between layers decreases and thus the echo time decreases. I do think very tasteful use 
>> of gating is the best way to handle this problem, especially for less-complex source material 
>> such as a single voice. You won't get rid of it, but you might make it less anooying without too 
>> badly screwing up the dynamics of the voice performance.