I only have RX2, but I downloaded the RX3 trial, and tried out the de-reverb 
on a tape of a Gwendolyn Brooks poetry reading that was in a boomy room. I 
had to train the software with a sample of audio that contained the direct 
signal and a reverb decay, and the presets produced a nice reduction, but 
not total elimination of the room, and made the voice more intelligible. I 
did not notice any artifacts, but I didn't get microscopic about it. I had 
to record my result to a Masterlink since the demo was save disabled, and 
now the demo has timed out on me, so I wasn't able to experiment further. I 
hope to upgrade soon.

-Matt S

P.S. In RX3 the rendering time seems to be significantly reduced.

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From: Richard L. Hess

>>You might try experimenting with the De-Reverb feature in the New version 
>>of Izotope's RX3.

> Matt,
Have you actually tried this? My sense was that the early reflections
timing might not be long enough, but hey it could work.
I've not had much of a chance to try it yet, what are you finding with
it. I'm really, really liking the Denoise algorithms in RX3 Advanced.
Best I've tried yet.