Not the first time this has been attempted.  Ara (sp?) Mandakian made an HMV
78 purporting to be of ancient Greek  music.   It was debunked in its day.

On the other hand, there is ancient Chinese music played on instruments
found in caves or tombs, I forget which.   Attempts  to decode the written
music found with them were recorded using the instruments or facsimiles,
again, I forget which.  These were pre-Han dynasty, as I recall, and used an
eight rather than five note scale.  The music was published.  There was at
least one TV program about this find.  Sarah Caldwell was involved in some
administrative way and I was also brought into the picture to organize part
of the financial end of things.  I think she died  before the scholarly
group of which she was a member resumed its work and I've no further info.  

Steve Smolian

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As a musicologist I find this effort both unconvincing and laughable.

Dave Lewis

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