On 2013-10-24 9:09 PM, Graham Newton wrote in part:
> Keep in mind that a dub of a printed through tape will not likely be of
> any use to test the ideas... sadly I believe it has to be the original
> for any of these ideas to work because of the dependency on the
> fragility of the > printed-through magnetic domains.

Hi, Graham,

I agree, but we should be completely clear: The techniques which attempt 
to reverse the fragile domains which caused the print through in the 
first place will only work on the original and you may only have one 
shot to do it--if you do whatever technique too aggressively, the 
magnetic domains that you WANT may also be partially erased.

However, for those people proposing a post-processing technique (i.e. 
not modifying the original tape) while it may or may not be effective, 
it should be equally effective on the original or on a very good copy.

So, there are two approaches and two sets of rules.

I also agree that, if done properly, the technique that "neutralizes" 
the "thermal idiot" domains is probably the best, but it's also the 
riskiest, especially since the technique has not been well developed and 
no one I know is practiced with it. To the best of my knowledge it was 
only implemented on later versions of the Studer A820-2CH and no one on 
this list (or any other I'm on) has ever admitted using it on a master 
tape that I can recall.


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