800 titles? This is what I meant about an accumulation as opposed to a collection. Have fun 
listening to all the nearly-inaudible deck as well as the nearly-inaudible gems. Not enough time on 
earth ...

I do agree that this is a very appropriate thing for a library to own, especially if they can 
"circulate" the digital files as opposed to fragile optical media which will be unplayable in a few 
years. A whole catalog of a record label will serve many tastes, by design, so it's appropriate for 
non-accumulators to pick and choose according to their tastes.

-- Tom Fine

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>I was able to get a list of the 800 titles in the set. I have it in  WORD.
> If anyone wants to see it please email me OFF list at  StevenrammATaolDOTcom
> Steve Ramm