Hi, Tom (and Shai),

I do use ViceVersa Pro, but I use it in batch mode which is not 
precisely what Tom is asking for. I have been using it for over a decade 

I have not felt the need to go to VVEngine which requires VVPro, but I'm 
not 100% certain how it works, as I have not tried it.

It appears to do what you want.

How I run it:

(1) On my 24/7 Win7 computer, I run it using the scheduler that comes 
with VVPro (not the more complex VVEngine) to add new files and usually 
update existing files on the backup NAS from the main NAS. I have one 
profile for a group of similar folders, each enumerated.

(usually=not for jpegs as I consider the backup NAS to be the "negative" 
in case the boys (who shoot only jpegs) edit the production NAS version 
and want the original back. I also do this with WAV files from NAS to 
NAS but not PC to NASses.)

(2) From both photo and audio machines, I run a VVPro script that ends 
with a SHUTDOWN command (on the audio machine, the photo machine is 24/7 
and is shared with the mail function...but that's another story). This 
pushes all new or updated files on the HDD out to BOTH NAS units.

(3) From laptops to the main NAS unit, I use the consolidate option, so 
a file in either location gets copied to the other, and updates in 
either location are propagated. There is a database option available 
which allows it to know if both versions have been updated and then 
allows you to resolve the conflict. I don't do that.

The original plan was that "My Documents" pointed to the individuals 
"Docs-Richard" share on the main NAS and you were working direct to the 
NAS. That works for wired desktops, especially with GigE. Laptops needed 
a different strategy. In this case, "My Documents" lives on the laptop, 
but since one could add/modify a file in the "Docs-Richard" share on the 
main NAS, that is the reason for the consolidation.

This has been expanded to two isolated systems with two laptops, a NAS 
unit and a router each, one in each boy's dorm room, and when they come 
home, they make certain everything is on the laptop they are bringing 
home and then they re-sync with the home NAS and that gets them stuff 
I've put there (which didn't need to be sent via email attachment).

The boys are also urged to save multiple versions of their important 
files (e.g. term papers) as we do not use the auto versioning features 
of VVPro. They were taking too long and wasting too much storage.

It sounds more complex than it is in actual use. The only thing that 
confuses the boys a bit is that there are separate sets of profiles for 
Backup-Docs-University and Backup-Docs-Home.

We do break out the backups to Docs, Images, and Media as the Docs one 
is the only one needing constant backup and that only takes about a 
minute to run.



On 2013-10-26 10:00 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> I've been very frustrated googling around. Does anyone make software
> that just keeps a folder in sync between two connected USB drives, ie if
> I update a file or save a new file, it just gets done to the other drive
> without me having to do anything? I don't need any stuff about keeping
> old versions, in fact I don't want that. What I want is, the same-name
> folder on two drives, kept in sync as I update it, so if one drive
> crashes the data is safe on the other drive.
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