I am a firm believer that peanuts are the work of the devil. They shift,
they crack, and are generally unpredictable in their behavior,
especially with heavier objects, which I think 78 records are. My
negative experience is with audio equipment.

They are also a problem, especially in winter, for the person receiving
the parcel as they tend to fly all over the place.

This is what I write on shipping instructions for people sending me tapes:

> (3) Please do not use plastic/styrofoam peanuts: it's bad for the
> tapes (they generate static) and they fly all over the place when the
> boxes are opened. Please use bubble wrap or other similar padding
> such as flexible closed cell foam sheets.
> (4) Please do not use any packing material that creates dust like
> shredded paper.
> (5) We recently had some equipment come in which had been packed in
> old foam rubber. This is the second time we've seen shipment turning
> the foam to acidic goo. Please do NOT use old foam rubber, it is too
> great a risk.



On 2013-10-30 10:01 AM, Steven Smolian wrote:
> I'm gathering opinions.  After putting 78s in a corrugated cardboard
> sandwich, is it better to bubblewrap or to suspend them in plastic
> peanuts, about 2.5 inches on either side.  In a box, of course.  I'm
> particulary trying to get them well protected for international mail.
> .
> Steve Smolian . .
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