I use allway sync pro on windows xp for this exact purpose. Cheap, simple and very effective. 

Colleagues use bestsync and sync toy which also do the job but i found allway sync easier. 


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] is there any idiot-proof program to keep folders sync'd between 2 USB drives?

I've been very frustrated googling around. Does anyone make software that just keeps a folder in 
sync between two connected USB drives, ie if I update a file or save a new file, it just gets done 
to the other drive without me having to do anything? I don't need any stuff about keeping old 
versions, in fact I don't want that. What I want is, the same-name folder on two drives, kept in 
sync as I update it, so if one drive crashes the data is safe on the other drive.

This would be for Windows XP, for now, but should not need a whole re-examination of the issue if I 
have to move to Win7 next year.

-- Tom Fine