While the review Steve Ramm posted answered one of my questions about this
set (that the LP selections are duplicated on the USB drive) I would still
like to know the following:

What are the 800 selections?  I emailed Revenant right after Steve's first
post about this set for an answer to this question, but as yet have received
no reply.  Paramount recordings, blues, jazz, old-time, and "hot dance,"
have been reissued for many years, on 78s, LPs, and CDs.  Is there any
material on this set that has not been reissued up to now?  Supposedly, this
Volume 1 covers 1917-1927.  Will they reissue material from 1917-1922?  I'd
certainly be interested in hearing a selection of this material, especially
"Up! De Valera"--a tribute to key Irish independence movement figure Eamon
De Valera.  Will they reissue any of the polkas and other ethnic material?

In what format will be 800 selections appear on the USB drive?  Are these
mere MP3s?

While the artist biographies would be nice to have, I would imagine any
company history will be redundant with Alex van der Tuuk's "Paramount's Rise
and Fall" both and the discography will be redundant with Mr. van der Tuuk's
and Guido van Rijn's ongoing Paramount discography, which is up to three

It's too bad this set's designer included what I believe to be some
anachronisms.  I know Paramount released one "spin-art" disc (on view at the
Paramountshome website) but the LPs here looks more like Pathe Actuelle
"Chanticleer" pressings.  And Paramount-branded talking machines were
produced for such a brief time that I doubt they ever made a "Paramount No.
2" sound box, although the USB is shaped as and branded as one.  I don't
feel that these are nitpicks when one is attempting to present Paramount's
legacy to a public which may not be familiar with it.

Best wishes, Mark