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printed from
microfilm by UMI.

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Savanuck Memorial Library Excess List 2014-01

Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet / Simon Johnson [2004] 004.6 J69

2013 Chase's Calendar of Events (w/CD) [2013] 394.26 C487

Chemicals in War: A Treatise on Chemical Warfare / LTC Augustin M. Prentiss
[1937] 623.45 P927

Norman Rockwell's America / Christopher Finch [1976] 759.13 F492

2012 Photographer's Market / Ed. Mary Burzlaff Bostic [2011] 770.688 P574

The Statesman's Yearbook 2008 / Ed. Barry Turner [2007] 909.83105 S797

Broken Flower / V.C. Andrews [2006] Fiction And

Scattered Leaves / V.C. Andrews [2007] Fiction And

Paradise Alley / Kevin Baker [2002] Fiction Bak

Hour Game / David Baldacci [2004] Fiction Bal

Breaking the Rules / Suzanne Brockmann [2011] Fiction Bro

Play Dirty / Sandra Brown [2007] Fiction Bro

The Talismans of Shannara / Terry Brooks [1993] Fiction Bro

Sweetheart / Chelsea Cain [2008] Fiction Cai

Cursed / Carol Higgins Clark [2009] Fiction Cla

Book of the Dead / Patricia Cornwell [2007] Fiction Cor

Corsair / Clive Cussler [2009] Fiction Cus

The Navigator / Clive Cussler [2007] Fiction Cus

That Christmas Feeling / Catherine Palmer and Gail Gaymer Martin [2004]
Fiction Pal

When Angels Sing: A Christmas Story / Turk Pipken [1999] Fiction Pip

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull / James Rollins [2008]
Fiction Rol

A Study of the Relative Effectiveness of Lecture and Directed discussion
Methods of Teaching Tests and Measurements to Prospective Air Force
Instructors / Carl Raymond Carlson [1953] Thesis Carlson

Freedom Without Equality A Study of Northern Opinion and the Negro Issue,
1861-1870 / William Ghormley Cochrane [1957] Thesis Cochrane

An Investigation and Comparison of Accelerated Audio-Visual Instruction vs.
Lecture Presentations in the United States Air Force Academic Instructor
Course / LaVerne G. Junkmann [1971] Thesis Junkmann

Treatment in Selected High School Journalism Textbooks of the First
Amendment as it Relates to the Rights of Students to Express Themselves /
David L. Knott [1981] Thesis Knott

An Attitude Segmentation Study of the Youth Market's Perception of the Ideal
Newspaper / Eileen Lehnert [1979] Thesis Lehnert

Approaches of Selected American Universities to the Education of Journalists
/ William Ralston Lindley [1970] Thesis Lindley

Computer-Based Instruction in Spelling: An Investigation of Optimal
Strategies for Presenting Instructional Material / Paul V. Lorton Jr. [1973]
Thesis Lorton

A Suggested Journalism Curriculum for California Junior Colleges / Arthur
Margosian [1971] Thesis Margosian

A Survey of the Beginning Non-Engineering Television Course in Colleges and
Universities in the United States / Howard Samuel Martin [1958] Thesis

An Analysis of Communications in Africa with Emphasis on the Republic of the
Congo / Norman P. Roberts [1963] Thesis Roberts

A Study to Assess the Effect of Training in Techniques of Programmed
Instruction Upon the Ability to Teach of Undergraduate Students Enrolled in
a Methods of Teaching Course / Beth J. Weider Rosenblum [1966] Thesis

Critique of the Status of Journalism in the American Two-Year College /
Dewey W. Rowland [1960] Thesis Rowland

Prediction of Undergraduate Journalism Grade Point Average at Southern
Illinois University / Michael Bert Shelly [1971] Thesis Shelly

The Film Industry and the Vietnam War / Lawrence Howard Suid [1980] Thesis

Adolescent Audience System Reactions to Mass Media Messages Regarding Drug
Education / Robert E. Trager [1972] Thesis Trager

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