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Subject: Doing Business 2014: Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises


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A unique collection of regulatory measures
and indicators

Doing Business 2014: Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises finds an uptick in the pace of business regulation reform in the past year, with 114 economies enacting 238 reforms, versus 108 economies and 201 reforms in 2011-12—up 18% from previous year.

Georgia, Malaysia, and eight high-income economies are among the 10 most business-friendly places on the globe. But the gap between the developed and developing worlds is narrowing: the Ukraine, Rwanda, Russian Federation, and the Philippines are among the economies that improved the most this past year.

Nine of the top 20 improvers since 2009 are economies from Sub-Saharan Africa, the region that improved the most in the past 5 years. Economies that improve in Doing Business rankings are more likely to implement reforms in areas such as governance, health, education, and gender than economies that do not.

Doing Business 2014. Order your copy today!What's New in Doing Business 2014?

Doing Business 2014 contains data on four new economies: Libya, Myanmar, San Marino, and South Sudan. A new chapter synthesizes the growing body of empirical research that examines the effects of business regulations. It also includes case studies on good practices across Doing Business topics:

  • the role of minimum capital requirements in starting a business
  • risk-based inspections in dealing with construction licenses
  • defining the right cost structure in getting electricity
  • single windows in trading across borders
  • e-filing and e-payments in paying taxes
  • e-courts in enforcing contracts

A World Bank Group corporate flagship report, Doing Business 2014, provides research, data, and analysis on business regulation in 189 economies across 11 areas of the business life cycle. It is used to analyze economic and social outcomes that matter such as equal opportunity, unemployment, poverty, and growth. It updates all indicators as of June 1, 2013, ranks economies on their overall "ease of doing business", and analyzes reforms to business regulation—identifying which economies are strengthening their business environment the most. This year marks the 11th edition in the series.

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