Hi Stephanie,

Can you point us to an XML Schema or DTD for the CEDARS metadata schema?  This web site,, seems to indicate that CEDARS has not been an active project for over 10 years with most of the links pointing to the Internet Archive.  A couple references seem to indicate that it has been superseded by PREMIS.  If this is so, I would recommend that you investigate using PREMIS for your preservation metadata.  There is a lot of precedent for wrapping PREMIS in METS, and there are some good guidelines that have been published by the Library of Congress,, and others.

However, if you can provide an XML Schema or DTD for CEDARS, along with some sample metadata records, we should be able to determine from an XML interoperability/compatibility perspective whether it would work.

Kind regards,
Tom Habing

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

the German literature archive in Marbach am Neckar is working on a project concerning the preservation of electronic literature. We consider using MODS and CEDARS metadata schema wrapped in METS. Thus, we kindly request you to review the CEDARS metadata schema for its usage within METS.

Herzliche Grüße/Kind regards,

Stephanie Kuch

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