Hello Brian,
At the USC Shoah Foundation we are using open source software called SobekCM. We are using the METS editor provided to map MARCxml to METS/MODS. You can also enter METS/MODS directly into the SobekCM application and it will be compliant with the standard. An export feature is included. We have not used that feature yet, but I believe that you can export your record as an MET/MODS record.

I also use TEI and EAD. I have always been advised to download the schemas to my local environment and to reference them there. I suppose that has been recommended to avoid problems such as the one that are now encountering. If you can find someone with a copy of the MET/MODS schema, they could certainly pass you a copy and you would be back in business. I am sorry to say that I do not have a copy of the schema to give you. You might try contacting the developer of the SobekCM application at the University of Florida.

Bess wishes for a solution to your problem.
Donna Casey

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All my METS are dead in the water with the government shutdown.  Anyone have any suggestions for validating METS with MODS till they turn the federal government back on?  The instance documents all link to for the METS and MODS.  Going forward, what is a reliable entity for hosting the schema?

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