Are you using the Oxygen xml editor? If you've linked you xml  to the METS and MODS schemas, the editor will validate your file for you. Otherwise, there is a service from Tom Habing over at Illinois, the MODS and Asset Action Explorer ( I've never used this and am not sure how current this is. For METS the only service that I know of is PIM or PREMIS in METS from Florida ( If you are using PREMIS, then this would work. If not, you could always add a small valid PREMIS section and go from there.


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All my METS are dead in the water with the government shutdown.  Anyone hav= e any suggestions for validating METS with MODS till they turn the federal = government back on?  The instance documents all link to for the MET= S and MODS.  Going forward, what is a reliable entity for hosting the schem= a?

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