looks like they have restored the website!

Here is as far as I got on the catalog

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We ingest all XML schemas used by our repository content as preservable repository objects in their own right - you never know when that obsolete version 1.0 schema will be orphaned by its maintenance agency. Each repository object gets a Handle, so we use Handle URIs as @schemaLocation values. I suppose that provides some of the flexibility that a catalog file would - to point to a different copy of a schema, we could edit the Handle record. We're currently doing this for multiple versions of MODS, METS, PREMIS, and MIX, along with schemas imported by those standards, like XLink. As we migrate more content into the repo, we'll likely add EAD, TEI, etc. I realize that this doesn't help those who have validation infrastructure in place for millions of objects, but it's worth considering for those who are designing workflows.

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On Oct 2, 2013, at 9:59 PM, Brian Tingle wrote:

> All my METS are dead in the water with the government shutdown.  Anyone have any suggestions for validating METS with MODS till they turn the federal government back on?  The instance documents all link to for the METS and MODS.  Going forward, what is a reliable entity for hosting the schema?
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