Am 09.10.2013 17:02, schrieb Jens Østergaard Petersen:
> Hello Thomas,
> This was also discussed two years ago; see <>.
> Best,
> Jens

Hi Jens,

thank you for sharing this information. This is exactly the same issue
and the solution suggested back than should have been implemented in the
meantime. Sadly the "final" conclusion was:

"So as I said earlier I am not yet convinced that there is any need for
a change, but if there is, we would use this local approach rather than
try to coordinate a change among multiple schemas."

And nothing happend since than because it was presumed as a rather
theoretical problem at that time. Hopefully I was able to show that it
is not just a theoretical problem anymore and compatibility issues are
indeed important to solve.

kind regards,

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