I am working on a repository that uses MODS not only as export or import
format but also for internal storage.
For performance reasons I want to keep data of parent objects redundant
in child objects inside relatedItem[@type='host']. So whenever a parent
objects metadata changes all children would be automatically updated.

So much for the theory. In practice however I need to flag each
information if it was inherited or not at child level, e.g. an article
was published inside a specific volume. Knowing this I can safely remove
the old parent metadata and replace it by a new copy, if the parent was

My question is: Can I always assume that child-level metadata (like page
and volume numbers) inside <relatedItem> is always in <part> elements
and all other elements are indeed inherited from the parent object?
Maybe there are cases which I do not overlook at the moment.

kind regards,

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