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This was also discussed two years ago; see <>.



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> All v3 mods XML Schema documents include a propritary XLINK XML Schema
> from the Library of Congress
> (, which sadly is
> incompatible to the official copy of W3C
> (
> E.g. attributeGroup simpleAttrs (W3C) is named simpleLink (LOC)
> This is no problem if you embed MODS-Metadata in other LOC-Standards
> like METS documents, which use the same schema.
> But if you have a custom container which uses XLink too and has therefor
> imported the official XLINK Schema the problem starts.
> For one Namespace exactly one XML Schema is loaded. Exactly that one
> that is used at the highes import level (here custom container). At the
> point of importing the
> official XLink Schema is already loaded so for mods documents in custom
> builds xlink:simpleLink cannot be resolved and results in validation errors.
> I noticed that the LOC Schema was build in 2004 while the last official
> version is of 2008. But I see no reason why the is a need for a custom
> incompatible copy of the xlink schema anymore.
> It would be great if these issues could be solved somehow - after people
> get paid again. One way - that should be compatible - is to re-edit the
> XML Schema for MODS that it uses the XLink Schema of W3C.
> The other way would require to fork every MODS Schema and use a copy of
> it for validating and doing this alike for every release in the future.
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> Thomas Scheffler
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