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The editorial committee has been looking at some list discussions around events and in particular the proposal by National Library of New Zealand on provenance notes for work done pre-ingest [[log in to unmask]&P=55">].


The committee has decided that the solution is to create a new semantic unit. Current event information looks like this (v2.2):

2.1    eventIdentifier (M, NR)

2.1.1    eventIdentifierType (M, NR)

2.1.2    eventIdentifierValue (M, NR)

2.2    eventType (M, NR)

2.3    eventDateTime (M, NR)

2.4    eventDetail (O, NR)

2.5    eventOutcomeInformation (O, R)

2.5.1    eventOutcome (O, NR)

2.5.2    eventOutcomeDetail (O, R)    eventOutcomeDetailNote (O, NR)    eventOutcomeDetailExtension (O, R)

2.6    linkingAgentIdentifier (O, R)

2.6.1    linkingAgentIdentifierType (M, NR)

2.6.2    linkingAgentIdentifierValue (M, NR)

2.6.3    linkingAgentRole (O, R)

2.7    linkingObjectIdentifier (O, R)

2.7.1    linkingObjectIdentifierType (M, NR)

2.7.2    linkingObjectIdentifierValue (M, NR)

2.7.3    linkingObjectRole (O, R)


The proposal is to add to this a unit called “eventDetailInformation”. Event information would therefore look like this (changes in red). It can be seen that a new container unit called “eventDetailInformtion” is included. This contains eventDetail and eventDetailExtension.


2.1 eventIdentifier (M, NR)

2.1.1 eventIdentifierType (M, NR)

2.1.2 eventIdentifierValue (M, NR)

2.2 eventType (M, NR)

2.3 eventDateTime (M, NR)

2.4 eventDetailInformation (O,R)

                2.4.1 eventDetail (O, NR)

                2.4.2. eventDetailExtension (O, R)

2.5 eventOutcomeInformation (O, R)

2.5.1 eventOutcome (O, NR)

2.5.2 eventOutcomeDetail (O, R) eventOutcomeDetailNote (O, NR) eventOutcomeDetailExtension (O, R)

2.6 linkingAgentIdentifier (O, R)

2.6.1 linkingAgentIdentifierType (M, NR)

2.6.2 linkingAgentIdentifierValue (M, NR)

2.6.3 linkingAgentRole (O, R)

2.7 linkingObjectIdentifier (O, R)

2.7.1 linkingObjectIdentifierType (M, NR)

2.7.2 linkingObjectIdentifierValue (M, NR)

2.7.3 linkingObjectRole (O, R)


The purpose of eventDetailIExtension is to be a container to place structured information, as defined by an institution, about the specifics of an event (a la objectCharacteristicsExtension, signatureInformationExtension, etc). This is where NLNZ would put their own structured information about the preconditioning work mentioned in the proposal.


We have also added some examples under eventType to demonstrate that events can be about processes acting on objects before ingest to the preservation repository (such as the file extension changes and filename changes identified in NLNZ’s proposal).


In addition, eventDetail has also been made repeatable. This covers requests from Harvard and Artefactual [[log in to unmask]&P=837">; and,

[log in to unmask]&P=53">]


We’d be really interested to hear any comments on the above, or I’ll be happy to answer any questions.


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