On 07/11/2013, Peter Hirsch wrote:

> I am interested to hear Tom bring up the spectre of disc warpage. I
> have never seen this, but maybe it is so subtle that it affects
> playback and ripping but is not readily visible to the eye. As I have
> stated before, I can count on one (or maybe two) hands the times I
> have experienced a CD gone bad and even in these cases, I can't say
> that they may not have been defective from the start. Am I totally out
> in left field in regard to my experience? I am not at all eager to
> start a major migration to some hard drive/server arrangement (I've
> already got way too many unfinished projects going), but some clear
> evidence that a significant percentage of my CDs were likely to rot or
> warp in the next couple of decades might give me a cause to get going.
I haven't seen warping but I have had about a dozen bronzed CDs, some of
which still play OK. Some others can be reclaimed with Exact Audio Copy.

They all came from the same PDO factory at about the same time.

The labels are Unicorn (now out of business) and CRD.

Don Cox
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