While I applaud Tom's useful technical suggestions in approaching this
medium, I'm having a hard time getting past his easy
dismissal of the human element. Ergo:

We must be attending different kinds of conferences. My experience is, most
people are lousy public speakers (myself included). The more information
they convey in their visual and/or audio media, the less good a public
speaker they need be to successfully make their point.[...]oday, we live in
a visual-rich age, like it or not. People expect eye candy, it's part of
what keeps them engaged unless you happen to be the oratory equivilent of
Abe Lincoln (that would be NO ONE at ANY audio-related conference I have
ever attended).[...]However, there is a social-club aspect to conferences,
and I agree that video of a person speaking to slides does allow everyone
to see what Jerry (or Dave, or Tom) looks like. But why not just snap some
photos and post them to Facebook?

All of this I find deeply offensive. When I presented at the library, I had
spoken at my wife's memorial service just nine days before. And it was
REALLY hard for me to get up there at the library and speak that day. We
all make sacrifices to do these things, and maybe that's not so apparent
through a YouTube video of a presentation, or even the presentation itself.
But to suggest that we would all be better off to present ourselves through
avatars, because none of us speak as well as Abraham Lincoln did, I would
hope would be a minority opinion. And even if it isn't, I could not stand
to see it to go unanswered.

Beyond the social, coffee break aspect of the conferences, I CERTAINLY
respond to presenters, whether it's Franz, Roberta, Dennis, Cary (who may
not be Lincoln, but is excellent), Jim Farrington, whomever. I do go to see
the people. I wouldn't attend a conference of the kind Tom is suggesting,
different or not. I see the slide-tape show as a support mechanism for live
presentations, and to broaden the reach of such talks, not to replace or to
supplant them. I don't care for eye-candy or other external stimulation. I
want the information, and I am interested in the person. If you want
visuals, bells and whistles, you can take in a corporate board meeting.

Dave Lewis
Lebanon, OH

On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 3:11 PM, Don Cox <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On 15/11/2013, Tom Fine wrote:
> > Hi Dave:
> >
> > I think information-rich slides are the only slides people should use.
> > If they're just putting up an occasional image and mostly reading a
> > script, I still don't see why it matters if we see them on video or
> > not. I suppose if the sponsoring entity has money to pay camera
> > personnel, then fine. But most don't. Sticking a cellphone on a chair
> > is useless, it looks like a cheapo "selfie." My criteria for an
> > interesting presentation means that looking at the speaker is not
> > necessary, because the information is being clearly spoken as well as
> > shown in carefully prepared slides or other media. If I want a
> > "performer," I'll got a comedy club!
> >
> You don't want a comedy performer, but you do want a serious performer
> who can project his/her ideas to the audience.
> You do not want somebody who reads from a script in a droning voice.
> > What I'm trying to get to is an EFFICIENT and PAINLESS process for a
> > presenter to walk out of the room with a recording of their WHOLE
> > presentation (not just audio, visual media too), which they can then
> > post on YouTube or wherever. Audio only is getting more and more
> > useless as most of now use information-rich slides and talk to the
> > slides. Audio-only is great for on-stage interviews, for instance.
> > Efficient and painless precludes paid cameramen and time-sucking
> > post-production, it needs to be a recording that happens as the
> > presentation is being given.
> >
> It looks as though what you want is the El Gato Game Capture HD.
> I haven't seen one but from the description and reviews on Amazon it
> appears to do exactly what you want.
> Whereas the Magix PhotoStory software would be ideal for making a
> digital version of a traditional Tape-Slide program.
> Regards
> --
> Don Cox
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