Anyone run into any significant batches of Sony SLH-7-550 BL tape? I am 
actually assuming that the part number is really a mixed-standard 
description: 7" reel 550 m of tape. So, really, what it appears I'm 
looking at is SLH-BL tape.

I have 60-70 reels of it.

Based on my Sony PR-150 experience, I expected bad, but this is 
different bad.

First of all, Sony PR-150 is NOT back-coated. SLH-BL is back-coated, so 
that appears to add to the problems, but the mag coat looks very similar 
to PR-150, it is brown and it is this brown I find on the heads after a 
big squeal.

Here is a confusion: The recordist allegedly took 7" reels of this and 
split it into 5" reels for the recorder. However, at least one reel has 
a mixture of black and brown mag coat and his notes that I have indicate 
the second half may not be the SLH...

The black mag coat is coming off more than the brown!

I have tried pre-wiping with Pellon, and while debris comes off (from 
both sides), it does not seem to be worth the effort. It might actually 
stir up more trouble than it's worth.

I have tried dry-wiping during the play pass on the mag coat and this 
helps a bit, but it still squeals.

So far, the best thing is a Pellon wipe and the Pellon liberally doused 
with decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5). But, once a piece of mag coat 
goo becomes stuck on the head, the stick-slip squeal starts and often 
prints to the audio transfer (but not back to the tape).

What I want to know, has anyone baked this tape???? It appears to have 
been very popular in the Middle East and was also sold here in Canada.

I may end up baking out of desperation, but the reels I've transferred 
aren't a good test cases because they already had a liberal amount of D5 
applied (which is slowly evaporating).

I can't fit an A80 in my current fridge, though the A77 (which doesn't 
overheat the fridge and fits) might be a choice. However, I'd much 
rather transfer these on an A80 for a variety of reasons, not the least 
of which is this is an important collection of Gulf States traditional 

Telling me this is hateful and horrid material won't help, I know that 
already. And while misery loves company, I'm already miserable enough 
that I don't need to spread it <sigh>.

What I want to know is what you did to make the tape playable (hopefully 
without damaging it). If you did test and damage a reel of this stuff, 
I'd like to know, too.

The tapes were nicely recorded on a Sony TC-510-2. It was the 
predecessor (I think) to the APR-2003. I've been impressed with the 
quietness of the recordings. The speed stability by and large has been 
great. It is the singers and players bending the notes, not the recorder 



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