Hi Steve,
  Thanks for the heads-up on this documentary.

  Why do you consider VOICE OF THE TURTLE "iconic" ??  It was not an early album (The FONOTONE's were 1958-62), and about
5 other TAKOMA albums preceded it.  IIRC this album was a gatefold, don't remember how extensive the notes were.

  The early albums included booklets of notes in Fahey's surreal style - unfortunately not included in later pressings.  Does
anyone know if they were reprinted in book form??

  Best wishes, Thomas.

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For those interest in John Fahey as both an musician, record collector and  
label owner.
I thought you might enjoy my review of great new DVD  Steven I. Ramm "Steve Ramm "Anything Phonographic""'s review 
of In Search of  Blind Joe Death: The Saga of ..._