A friend of mine - a former DJ now living in Bethlehem PA sent me this. I  
thought others would find interesting.

Subj: Capitol Scranton Plant on  Facebook

I've been doing a lot of research on the former Capitol Pressing Plant  in 
Scranton.  I recently started up a Facebook page where I've been  posting 
lots of found images.  Also, I have located a couple of former  plant 
employees who I plan to interview in the near future.  One  of them was there during 
the height of Beatlemania, '64-'67.   

I'm mostly focusing on the Capitol years, which I know is not your main  
area of interest, but I'm also acknowledging the pre-Capitol years  under the 
Scranton Button Company and American Record Corporation.  The  EMI Archive 
Trust in the UK likes the page.  
If you want to check it out, you DO NOT NEED TO LOG IN to Facebook to  view 
the content. 


Steve Ramm