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Dave  Lewis wrote, "George Buck purchased the rights to Paramount from  

thank you, Dave.  I thought it was the folks   behind Riverside Records, But
I guess they were the ones who purchased what  was left of Genett.

Did Buck, with his various label imprints, ever do  anything with what he
purchased from Steiner?  I have reissues of  Paramount recordings on many
labels, but I can't think of any that I have  that put out by Buck.

Best wishes, Mark
Buck released some of the Paramounts on hisBlack Swan CD label:
In answer to your earlier comment (to me): I'm not promoting the Paramount  
Set - I've heard samples and seen the docoments though I haven't read them 
all.  The notes from the producers state that they do not plan to issue the 
full  Paramount Catalog even with the two sets (no number of sides for 
second one).  They just picked what they thought was interesting and their target 
is someone  (well 5,000 someones vs 500 for Black Europe) who want an 
Interesting selection  to hear. I'm a novice re: Paramounts - though I've heard 
them on some CD comps  and Tefteller's calender CDs) but I found some of the 
female singers lots of fun  to hear. (But, trust, me I'm not buying the 
set.). If I could afford the BE set  I'd buy it for the book and some of the 
CDs. I REALLY wish that they had allowed  Rainer to create a DVD - he's got 
some amazing stuff.
And, lastly, speaking of "sound" I don't thing there are samples of BE  
audio on BF website, are there? I'm sure the transfers are the best that could  
be done, but we don't know what they gave to work with and - if I rember a  
conversation with Rainer a year or so ago - there are many tracks on BE 
that are  important - and maybe rare - but not what one would call "tuneful".
Anyway 500 people have not purchased it yet cause it's still on discount  
till 12/31/13.
Steve (when I win the lottery, I'll grab BE) Ramm