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> If the wax is broken through, then Peter Dilg tried a technique which
> involved reassembling it with chewing gum, good because it is reversible
> and you can
> try, try again. However I do not know a technique for a cylinder that is
> split. You may wish to check with DGio on that one.

If you're talking about a cylinder which is split along its length
from being forced on the mandrel with too much force (one
with only one crack - not one that is in pieces) a technique that
had a lot of currency in the 70s, and which I had good luck
with on the one cylinder I tried it on, was to melt the back of 
the crack with a soldering iron.  It works better on a ridged-
bore cylinder than a smooth-bore one, since such melting will
invariably produce an uneven surface that will need to be
sanded or honed down.  FWIW.

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