> I just searched for "Black Europe" on Amazon and found this release from
> Bear Family:
>  Over There! Sounds And Images Of Black Europe: Music_  
> (
> usic&ie=UTF8&qid=1383577693&sr=1-1&keywords=black+europe+bear+family)
> 3 CDs coming out tomorrow! Was this discussed before?
> If the big set is limited to 500 copies, I wonder how many of these are
> being pressed.  And is there a booklet of liner notes?
> Rainer, can you shed additional light on this?
> Steve Ramm

Bear Family just published this 3-CD set:

CD 1: Pete Hampton & Laura Bowman (1903-1910) Bill Bailey, Won't You 
Please Come Home? • When Sousa Comes To Coon-Town • Hannah, Won't You 
Open That Door? • Tell Me, Dusky Maiden • Stay In Your Own Back Yard • 
I'm Goin' To Live Anyhow Till I Die • My Friend From My Home • Since 
Rastus Went To Gay Paree • Massa's In The Cold Cold Ground • Dat 
Mouth-Organ Coon • Old Folks At Home • The Phrenologist Coon • Oh Dem 
Golden Slippers • Any Rags? • I Can't Keep From Laughing • Mammy's Only 
Child • What You Goin' To Do When The Rent Comes ‘round? • Ain't Yer 
Gwine To Say “How-Do”? • Moving Day • A Cotton Field Episode • Ev'ry 
Little Bit Helps • Mister, Your Room Rent's Due • Down In Georgia On 
Camp Meeting Day • If That Ain't Winning A Home

CD 2: The Savoy Quartet (1916-1920) Over There! (The Great American War 
Song) • Down Texas Way • Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On 
Saturday Night? • Back Home In Tennessee • The Kipling Walk • Oh! How 
She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo • Where The Black-Eyed Su- sans 
Grow • He May Be Old, But He's Got Young Ideas • Indian Rag • Hello! New 
York • I Don't Want To Get Well • The Darktown Strutters' Ball • Oh! 
Frenchy • Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia • Tackin' 'em Down • 
Ev’rybody Shimmies Now • K-K-K-Katy • What Do You Mean By Loving 
Somebody Else? (When Your Love Belongs To Me) • Hindustan • Everybody 
Wants A Key To My Cellar • I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now • 
Swanee • At The Moving Picture Ball • Venetian Moon • Sweet Kisses

CD 3: Josiah Ransome Kuti (1922) Isun ka wà tó kun fun eje • Igbàla • 
Obángíjì Iwo lo to sìn • Mo sa di Jesu • Odun Jubilee • Jesu nsehìn bò • 
Olugbala la f'ori fun • E je ka júmò gbàgbó • Esù sare tete, Jesu dé • 
Egbé Awon Angeli • Ofin mewa ati Idahùn • K' Olorun da oba si • Bi E o 
le E le
Josephine Baker (1926) Who? • That Certain Feeling • Dinah • Sleepy Time 
Gal • I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight • Bam Bam Bamy Shore • I Want To 
Yodel • The Only, Only One For Me • Feelin’ Kind O’ Blue • Brown Eyes, 
Why Are You Blue • Always • I Love My Baby • I’ve Found A New Baby • 


for slightly less than 40 Euro.
The big box books contain 106 chapters, the Black Europe "light" 
digipack presents four artists, also covered in greater depth in the 
box. My copy of the digipack just arrived. The transfers are astounding. 
Listen to Pete Hampton's crisp performances, an eye (ear) opener.


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