I've seen the stokie/Houston Shostakovich 11th on Everest, but never bought it cause I had the Capitol box set. It looked like a late post Belock release in a lousy pressing in a cheap box.

Eric Nagamine

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Hi Joe:

Good question! I looked in the booklets of the new Everest reissues and it just says "Houston." I also re-checked part II of Lonn Henrichsen and David Patmore's 2007 Everest profile in Classic Record Collector. No info on the Houston recording site. Given that Everest didn't seem to be ambitious in scouting new or different recording venues, my bet would be that the same venue used by Capitol would have been used by Everest.

Stokowski also made some Everest records with the "Stadium Symphony Orchestra," which was just NY Philharmonic players acting under a different name so as not to violate the NYPO's recording contract. In any case, those recordings were made at Manhattan Center, also used by Columbia, RCA and Vanguard at various times.

By the way, Discogs and all of the other used LP websites show no reissues of the Shostakovich 11th on Everest. There were reissues on Capitol with a different cover, Seraphim (the budget reissue sub-label of Angel in the US), Angel in Europe and Seraphim in the UK with a different catalog number. The original Capitol 2LP set was in a box rather than a gatefold cover and had a separate booklet. Nowhere in the original-issue Capitol 2LP set that I own is there mention of the recording location.

-- Tom Fine

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> Where were the Stokowski/Houston 35mm mag films recorded?
> joe salerno
> On 11/18/2013 4:46 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> Hi Mark:
>> Are you positive that it was the Capitol recording and not one of the
>> several Everest recordings of Stoki and Houston? I suppose it's possible
>> that Bernie Solomon was able to license the Shostakovich 11th from
>> Capitol, but I don't see why Capitol would want to have it in print
>> other than by them. It doesn't add up.
>> Remember that Stokowski and Houston made several records for Everest,
>> recorded on 35mm magnetic film. But the Solomon orange-label Everests
>> were probably cut from tapes mixed off the films before the original
>> Everest went out of business. According to Lonn Henrichsen's history of
>> Everest that was published in Classic Record Collector, Stokowski and
>> Everest producer Bert Whyte were friends.
>> Speaking of the Shostakovich 11th, was it reissued on CD beyond the one
>> time EMI put it out in the Capitol classical reissue series? That
>> version was terrible, someone got way overly aggressive with digital
>> noise-reduction, and the end note just cuts off instead of fades out
>> like on the original LP. There are also clearly audible tape dropouts on
>> the CD.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>>> Hi.  This is off-topic but related.  I recently bought an Everest LP
>>> record
>>> hat is a reissue (unfortunately in "electronic" stereo) of an earlier
>>> apitol mono LP.  I can't recall having seen that before.  Are there more
>>> ike this?   Everest obviously licensed things from other companies, but
>>> rom EMI?
>>> Best, John>>
>>> I recall frequently seeing Stokowski's Houston recording of the
>>> Shostakovich 11th for Capitol/EMI issued as a two-LP set on Everest in
>>> cut-out bins during the 1970s and wondering the same thing. In its
>>> later days, Everest did some licensing from other companies (e.g.,
>>> Elman and Renardy releases from Decca/London).
>>> Mark Obert-Thorn
>> .
> -- > Joe Salerno