Would be a perfect 90 minute cassette talk, if edited slightly. Nice to see you, but for listening, no need for video, especially without the images.

I'll make myself an MP3 to "see" what you are saying... :-)

I'm not being overly critical (or mean to you!), but this is an example of how it takes production values - meaning getting a decent picture, and editing, to have a meaningful presentation. Great that they put it up, but it could be so much more valuable as a video if post produced. And having a camera operator to point and shoot.

Like watching a city council meeting on the web, in a way. You want to know what they said and did, but why did it take them so long? If the library has budget, they could put it into slickifying the presentations... (if the camera was square with the screen the images would be visible, for example.)

I am dealing with the opposite situation - on classical concert coming up this Saturday, the guy shooting video is making everyone else jump thru hoops and change the lights and all sorts of stuff for the sake of the video...

On Nov 13, 2013, at 8:04 PM, David Lewis wrote:

> I am the guinea pig for this; I swing too much, you can't see what's on the
> screen behind me, and it's a very long video.
> But here is the talk I gave on Rodeheaver's 1921 Cincinnati recording
> sessions. And it appears that the Public Library
> is going to continue this series of streams.
> David N. "Uncle Dave" Lewis
> Lebanon, OH