Preservation quality silver gelatin microfilm master on polyethelene terephthalate base that is properly created processed and stored has an ANSI AIIM life expectancy (LE) rating of 500 years.  

-Walter Cybulski
National Library of Medicine

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On 2013-11-15 3:19 PM, Don Cox wrote:
> Assuming the microfilm is on a modern film base, it is not at all likely
> to turn to dust. Silver-based film, provided it has been correctly
> processed, is very long lived.
> You will give up on migrating your digital files before the microfilm
> decomposes.

Hi, Don,

My understanding is that a fair amount of microfilm is not silver-based 
but rather dye-based and is fading.

I hope I'm wrong.

I don't have time to Google this right now.


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