Actually, we own that master tape (in fact, I was looking for this one recently) and the label.  This label came to us via Everest Records (who owned it later).  We are planning to release all of these Period masters (both jazz and classical), but it's going to be a long process, as the tapes are not always in the greatest shape.  I will try to make this one a priority, though, and let you know when it's going to be re-released.  We would be doing this (and all Period recordings) in hi-def 24/96--24/192 versions, as well as making them available through iTunes, Amazon's Disc on Demand (CreateSpace), HDtracks, etc.



Mark Jenkins
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Can anyone here tell me anything about this label "PERIOD"? It was recorded by Jerry Newman at Esoteric Sound in the 50's I'm betting, it says presented by Leonard Feather. The session is very hip modern jazz but I think it's a series of dates given the number of drummers listed. A number of Googles later and all in know is that the vinyl version is very rare and pricey. And not reissued. I never knew an inline stereo tape version if this and it seems unknown except for a few references to trade ads from 1957 the year I assume it was released. I am thinking Tom Fine might chime in...hoping.


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> On Nov 3, 2013, at 5:37 PM, Mark Hendrix <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Steve Ramm wrote, "This set is Pricey but it's also 1/3 the price of 
> Black Europe that Rainer priced for Bear Family."
> That is true, but this Paramount set has very little material on it 
> that has not already been reissued (unlike Black Europe) and the 800 
> recordings on the flash drive are in the form of mp3s (unlike Black 
> Europe).  (Will a Chris King-transferred MP3 offer better sound than a 
> Chris Zwarg-transferred CD?  I don't see how it can.)
> The first volume of the Paramount set, despite the advertising, has NO 
> Paramount recordings from 1917-1922, so is not a comprehensive 
> overview of the label's offerings.  It has no ethnic recordings.  The 
> label's history has already been extensively covered (in 78 Quarterly 
> and then in Alex but der Tuuk's Mainspring Press-published book) and 
> the label's discography is being covered by Agram books.  Unless one 
> is new to discovering this material (and that may be the audience this 
> set is directed at), the Paramount set doesn't have much to offer.
> As for bootlegs, my understanding is that John Steiner purchased the 
> rights to Paramount recordings from Wisconsin Chair Co. head Otto 
> Moeser, and so whoever purchased those rights from John Steiner has 
> legal title to those recordings.  (Someone please correct me if I am 
> mistaken.)  Thus, I assume that when Paramount recordings are 
> re-issued by John Tefteller's Blues Images, Revenant, Third Man 
> Records, Yazoo, Document, etc., etc., all of these entities are 
> bootlegging the recordings.  Not that I mind… without their efforts I would not have been able to hear them.
> --Mark Hendrix