On the subject of the Paramount set and "bootlegging," I'd prefer that until the set is proven in a court of law to be a bootleg or otherwise illegal re-issue, it not be referred to as such. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

Over the years I have heard a lot of talk about the alleged ownership of Paramount, Black Swan, Emerson and other small 78 labels. But despite numerous re-issues over the last 20 years I have seen no legal action that has established the definitive ownership of these recordings. While the Paramount set is not of great interest to me as a collector, I hope that its existence can settle once and for all the question of whether anyone truly owns the rights to the recordings it contains.


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Some pictures of the set.

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> Tom: you'll have to ask John. I emailed him when I first heard about 
> the set last month - especially when I heard about the ART BOOK and he
>  replied:
> "No, I had NOTHING to do with that Paramount set.. I consider that set 
> a bootleg product and am not promoting it in any way."
> I didn't follow up. Since John owns the large stash of Artwork - he 
> was planning a DV of it about 6 years ago (at less than the set from 
> TMR)- that he  found, the material in the Revenant/Third Man set must 
> have come from somewhere  else.
> But John may have been referring to the "artwork" and not the 
> recordings as  bootlegs.
> That's all I know.
> Steve
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> Hi  Steve:
> So can you explain Tefteller's "bootleg" comment? You've  repeated it 
> several times in your posts.
> "Bootleg" suggest something  illegal or illegitimate about this 
> product, which does not seem to be the  case.
> -- Tom Fine