BIBCO Colleagues,


We are very pleased to share with you that the first PCC BIBCO Funnel has been officially formed.  The BIBCO Hebraica Funnel was established based on the current NACO Hebraica Funnel and also Judaica Subject Authority Funnel Project.  The BIBCO Hebraica Funnel will contribute PCC BIBCO Standard Records (BSR) via the coordinator (Heidi Lerner, also coordinator for the NACO Hebraica Funnel and Judaica SACO Funnel Project) who will represent the funnel participants.


The BIBCO funnel membership offers an opportunity to institutions and individuals to participate collectively in the BIBCO program.  The BIBCO funnel membership also allows those within the funnel to interact and support each other on providing better standardized access in the area of bibliographic control.  We would like to congratulate the BIBCO Hebraica Funnel and look forward to working with many more BIBCO members in the years to come.  If you have any questions or would like to send comments, please write to us at [log in to unmask].      



Jessalyn Zoom

Acting Coordinator, BIBCO Program

Cooperative Programs Section, COIN

Library of Congress

Tel.: 202-707-4264

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