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EAD 2002 can support geocoding of a sort.  In our finding aids, we use "geonames" as a source and the Geonames ID as an "authfilenumber" in the geogname element.  This allows us to link to cities, regions, or countries defined by Geonames, and we can extract latitude and longitude directly from it.  It appears that EAD 3 will support latitude and longitude explicitly entered into attributes in the placeentry element, as well as @vocabularysource for the full URI.  I am not sure the relation of geogname to placeentry in the new schema.  Someone from the committee will have to chime in.


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New to EAD.


Just poking around and noticed this [1] suite of proposed changes to EAD for "upcoming release in early 2014" includes geocoding attributes (MARC has basic ones, mainly MARC 034)


But I'm not the EAD expert so would appreciate anybody's feedback on 1) current support in EAD for geocoding; and/or 2) status of [1] in the context of “early 2014” (ie. is georeferencing likely to be in next EAD update, and is the next EAD update still ‘on schedule’ for early 2014).

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[1] https://github.com/SAA-SDT/EAD-Revision