What about dynamic loading of content nodes in html, via jquery/ajax calls?  Dnyatree is good for this and fairly easy to work with, and there are other js libraries that do the same thing.  You might need to convert the content to be loaded to json to get this to work, rather than dealing only with HTML.


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> Hello collective wisdom --
> We have two EAD-encoded finding aids whose size is causing problems for some patrons -- their browser locks up or otherwise fails to load the file.  We don't render on the fly; we create static HTML files.  The problem is partly file size (one is 3.4M and the other is 5.8M), and partly that the inventory section is a ginormous HTML table (yeah, I know) which takes a lot to render and load in the browser.  
> We've come up with a number of options, none of which I feel are ideal, so I'm curious if others have encountered this, how you chose to handle it, and what if any impact it had on search/discovery.
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