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Hello James,

IN THIS ISSUE: A pensive primer on the teaching of history research classes, a mysterious presidential embargo exemption sparks envy and anger, and a gifted group of Chinese students succumbs to Western ways.


Librarians and History Instruction: Getting the Most Out of the One-shot Session<>
By Alexandra Simons, History, Political Science, and Government Documents Librarian, University of Houston

<>[]<><>A recent discussion on H-HistBibl—the H-Net list for the Study and Practice of History Librarianship—asked two questions related to the American Historical Association’s Tuning Project: how do history subject librarians teach research classes, and what is the most accurate way to describe the nature of the activity, for example, information literacy or research methodology. Because I have been thinking about these questions myself and reading up on history instruction, I replied with insights based on my experiences over the past five years as the history, political science, and government documents librarian at my university. (continue reading)<>
Mr. Jefferson’s Mandarin, Or, a controversial promotion<>
By Dael Norwood, Bernard & Irene Schwartz Postdoctoral Fellow at the New-York Historical Society

<>[]<>When the ship Beaver departed New York harbor bound for the China coast in August 1808, the United States was fully embargoed. For over six months the country’s trade had been at a standstill, and all the ports idled. The livelihoods of America’s maritime workers had been sacrificed to the greater good by Jeffersonian Republicans, in the White House and the Congress, who hoped that an extreme form of commercial warfare—a wholesale ban on international trade—would force Great Britain and France to respect American neutrality without any shots fired. (continue reading)<>

Celestial Vision: China’s Scholars in the Connecticut Valley<>
By Barbara Shaffer, unofficial historian of Springfield, Massachusetts

<>[]<><>In September 1872, Yung Wing escorted a delegation of young students from China to Springfield, Massachusetts, under the auspices of an unprecedented enterprise—the Chinese Educational Mission.  Wing’s all-male contingent attracted attention throughout the United States.  Rumors had circulated for months that in order to bring its isolated nation into the 19th century, the Chinese government would finance the American education of gifted children. (continue reading)<>

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November 2013
Volume 8, Issue 4


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