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Salt of the earth : one family's journey through the violent American
landscape / Jack Olsen. 1996
Sam Walton : the inside story of America's richest man / Vance H. Trimble.
San Francisco is burning : the untold story of the 1906 earthquake and fires
/ Dennis Smith. 2005
School-based prevention for children at risk : the Primary Mental Health
Project / Emory L. Cowen. 1996
Science and politics in the international environment / editor Neil E.
Harrison.  2004
The secret life of the lawman's wife / B.J. Alderman. 2007
The selling of "free trade" : NAFTA, Washington, and the subversion of
American democracy / John R.
      MacArthur.  2000
The serpent's coil : an incredible story of hurricane-battered ships and the
heroic men who fought to
      save them / Farley Mowat.  2001
Shelf life : romance, mystery, drama, and other page-turning adventures from
a year in a bookstore / 
     Suzanne Strempek Shea. 2004
Shipwreck; the strange fate of the Morro Castle / Gordon Thomas. 1972
Shotgun for hire; the story of "Deacon" Jim Miller, killer of Pat Garrett /
Glenn Shirley. 1970
Silent coup : the removal of a president / Len Colodny.  1991
The sneaker book : anatomy of an industry and an icon / Tom Vanderbilt. 1998
Something for nothing : luck in America / Jackson Lears. 2003
Sowing the wind : reflections on the earth's atmosphere / Louise B. Young.
A spirit of greatness : stories from the employees of American Airlines /
compiler John M. Capozzi.  1998
The spoils of time : a world history from the dawn of civilization through
the early Renaissance / C.V. 
     Wedgwood.  1985
Spring forward : the annual madness of daylight saving / Michael Downing.
Start your own online education business : your step-by-step guide to
success / Rich Mintzer. 2007
Stealing history : tomb raiders, smugglers, and the looting of the ancient
world / Roger Atwood. 2006
Steam : India's last steam trains / photographs by Stephen Dupont.  1999
Stopping a stalker : a cop's guide to making the system work for you /
Robert L. Snow. 998
The story of mankind / by Hendrik Willem van Loon. 1984
A survey of historic costume / Phyllis Tortora. 1989
Survival of the prettiest : the science of beauty / Nancy Etcoff. 1999
Taking back our streets : fighting crime in America / Willie L. Williams.
Taking sides : clashing views on controversial issues in world politics /
editor John T. Rourke. 1996
Taming the tuition tiger : getting the money to graduate--with 529 plans,
scholarships, financial aid, and
      more / Kathy Kristof. 2003
Tankers full of trouble : the perilous journey of Alaskan crude / Eric
Nalder. 1994
"The target is destroyed" : what really happened to flight 007 and what
America knew about it / 
     Seymour M. Hersh.  1986
Teaching toward freedom : moral commitment and ethical action in the
classroom / William Ayers. 2004
Telling : a memoir of rape and recovery / Patricia Weaver Francisco. 1999
Tending fire : coping with America's wildland fires / Stephen J. Pyne. 2004
Test talk! : understanding the stakes and helping your children do their
best / Cheli Cerra. 2007
Three blind mice : how the TV networks lost their way / Ken Auletta. 1991
Three miles down / James Hamilton-Paterson. 1999
Thunderstruck / Erik Larson. 2006
The Tigris expedition : in search of our beginnings / Thor Heyerdahl. 1980
To the ends of the earth : the selected travels of Paul Theroux. 1990
Toward free trade in the Americas / José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs. 2001
The life and times of Ron Brown : a memoir / by his daughter, Tracey L.
Brown. 1998
Trading with the enemy : a Yankee travels through Castro's Cuba / Tom
Miller. 1992
Train go sorry : inside a deaf world / Leah Hager Cohen. 1994
Traveling the Trans-Canada : from Newfoundland to British Columbia / William
Howarth. 1987
Utopia / Ian Tod and Michael Wheeler.  1978.
Veil : veiling, representation, and contemporary art / editor David A.
Bailey. 2003
Veni, vidi, video : the Hollywood empire and the VCR / Frederick Wasser.
Victorian & Edwardian fashion : a photographic survey / by Alison Gernsheim.
The violent decade / Frank Gervasi. 1989
The vitamin pushers  :  how the "health food" industry is selling America a
bill of goods / Stephen
        Barrett. 1994
Vogue women / Georgina Howell.  2000
The voyage of Magellan; the journal of Antonio Pigafetta. A translation by
Paula Spurlin. 1969
Wanderings : Chaim Potok's history of the Jews.  1978
Weapons & equipment of counter-terrorism / Michael Dewar.  1987
Western European costume, 13th to 17th century, and its relation to the
theatre / Iris Brooke. 1993
What did you learn in school today? : a parent's guide for evaluating your
child's school / Harlow G.
      Unger.  1991
What Johnny shouldn't read : textbook censorship in America / Joan
DelFattore. 1992
The Wheels of Commerce / Fernand Braudel.  1982 (vol. 2 Civilization and
capitalism, 15th-18th century)
Where rivers change direction / Mark Spragg.  2000
Who named the knife : a book of murder and memory / Linda Spalding.  2007
Working with available light : a family's world after violence / Jamie
Kalven.  1999
World encyclopedia of police forces and correctional systems. Volume I,
Overviews ; Countries: A-L / 
      George Thomas Kurian, editor. 2006
Wrongs of passage : fraternities, sororities, hazing, and binge drinking /
Hank Nuwer.  1999
Yankee on the prairie : Howard R. Barnard of Kansas, pioneer educator /
Allan R. Miller.  1995
Year of the fires : the story of the great fires of 1910 / Stephen J. Pyne.

50% off : a novel / Karen Salmansohn.  1993
The eighth commandment / Lawrence Sanders. 1986
McNally's risk / Lawrence Sanders. 1993
The next victim / William Sanders. 1993
Not for glory / Joel Rosenberg. 1988
The painted lady / Françoise Sagan ; translated by Lee Fahnestock. 1983
Queen's cache / Beth Henderson. 1991

Chester Cricket's pigeon ride / by George Selden. 1981
Coco Grimes / Mary Stolz. 1994
Don't call me Toad! / Mary Francis Shura. 1987
The rain forest; text and illustrations by Armstrong Sperry. 1947
Willow Creek home / Janice Jordan Shefelman. 1985