Hi Everyone -

I just wanted to send an e-mail to invite you and your staffs to the Department of the Interior Library on Wednesday, December 4th from 2:00 to 3:15 pm for a training session entitled "WestlawNext: Introduction and New Features" part of our series of free training sessions at the DOI Library.

Thomson Reuters WestlawNext online legal research service permits users to search for legal, legislative, news, and business content without first selecting a database, allowing one to click check boxes to select the jurisdiction and nature of material wanted. Its new search algorithm, referred to as WestSearch, is perhaps the world's most advanced legal research engine, executing a federated search across multiple content types. Users can enter descriptive terms or Boolean connectors and select a jurisdiction. Search results are ranked by relevance. WestlawNext also supports retrieving documents by citation, party name, or KeyCite reference. An overview page enables users to see the top results per content type, or to view all results for a particular content type. Filters can also be applied to refine the result list even further. On the results page, users can also see links to related secondary sources relevant to their research. WestlawNext also provides folders for storing and sharing portions of the research selected by the user. Attendees will be taught by a Thomson Reuters trainer how to maneuver through this new, user-friendly platform to find the search results they need.

All that are interested are invited.  The DOI Library is located in the Main Interior Building, located at 1849 C Street, NW, Room 1151 in Washington.  Space for the program is limited so please go to the following link to register:


Please note that this class is also being offered to remote users as a simultaneous online webinar. Please indicate on the online registration form if you wish to obtain information about webinar access to this program.   

You may also contact the Library by phone at (202) 208-5815 or by e-mail at library@ios.doi.gov for more information about this program.  For information about future DOI Library Training Sessions, we encourage you to visit our TrainingSessions website at http://www.doi.gov/library/programs/training.cfm.

We hope that you can attend either in person or virtually on December 4th!

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