A new purchasing program offering from FEDLINK Vendor- GALE- GR.


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Introducing Gale’s Usage-Driven Acquisition model for Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)


We’ve developed a purchasing program unlike any you’ve ever seen.  Purchase based entirely on what your researchers and user community are actually using.  


How it Works:


1. ESTABLISH. Set up FEDLINK Account with GALE- GR.

2. ACCESS. Post a link and/or widget (with access to over 2,000 + titles!) to your website.

3. USE. We'll pull your usage after six months and let you know which titles were used most.

4. OWN. Your funds will be applied to the titles used most.


All purchases will receive applicable Fedlink discounts


Learn More

To begin your first six-month or twelve-month session of unlimited access to Gale imprints on GVRL, email or call your representative:


Federal (non-Military)

Kelly Gegich 

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800-877-4253 x 1914George [log in to unmask]

800-877-4253 x 8083



Gerry Gordon

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800-877-4253 x 8622


Nicole Licavoli

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800-877-4253 x 8667