Becky:  Trying to track this down in RDA, here's the path I find:


2.12.9  Numbering within Series

        Recording Numbering within Series

                                Record the numbering of the resource within the series as it appears on the source of information. Apply the general guidelines on transcription (see 1.7) and the general guidelines on numbers expressed as numerals or as words (see 1.8).


                                                [so, the numbering is RECORDED, not transcribed; and we go to 1.7 for more instruction]


1.7  Transcription

                1.7.8  Abbreviations

                                Apply the instructions on the use of abbreviations in transcribed elements in appendix B (B.4).


                                                [it doesn't say anything about "recorded" elements, so the only thing I can figure is to go to B.4 anyway for more instruction]


B.4  Transcribed Elements

                For transcribed elements, use only those abbreviations found in the sources of information for the element.


                                [again, I've got a recorded element here, so I'll go to the next instruction]


B.5  Other Elements

                B.5.5  Numbering of Part

                                When recording the numbering of a part (see 24.6), use appropriate abbreviations from the lists at B.7–B.10.


                                                [so, for the WORK/EXPRESSION relationship, i.e. the AAP, we abbreviate...]


                B.5.11  Other Elements

                                Generally do not abbreviate words in elements except those covered at B.5.1 and B.5.3–B.5.9.


                                                [so, since the Numbering within Series element isn't one specifically mentioned, it's an "Other Element", and we won't abbreviate]


While at first glance this might seem strange, it really does make sense from the standpoint of "take what you see" in the description, and "let's standardize some things" in the access points.  It follows the direction that I recall we seemed to be going with recording numbering late in AACR2.


So it looks like your observations in your first paragraph point to the correction application of RDA.  But it would be nice to have a nice brief statement in the PS about this, so people don't have to keep tracking it down in RDA.




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Hello all,

I’m getting confused about how to record the series numbering in an AAP.  By my reading of RDA and 24.6 (with B.5.5 & B.7), when transcribing the series in a 490, we do NOT use abbreviations for the numbering, e.g., “volume,” not “v.” (unless it appears as an abbreviation on the piece).  When creating the AAP for the 8xx, however, it looks like we DO continue to use abbreviations. (This was also an instruction in the series bridge training, module 8.)  Is this still correct? 


Most of the RDA SARs we see do use the abbreviation in the numbering, but occasionally we find one which spells it out, including the one we found today (no2010207617), which actually changed from “no.” to “number” in June 2013. 


Which is correct?





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