In addition to the titles that Sam listed in the Media History Digital
Library, additional titles have been scanned, but not yet indexed into our
search engine. You can still search each volume individually until we're
able to add them to the database early next year.

*From the Library of Congress Packard Campus:*
Broadcasting Magazine<>(1931-33,
1935-1945, 1949-50)

*From the University of Maryland, University Libraries, Special Collections
in Mass Media and Culture:*
U.S. Radio<>(1957-61)
Broadcasters' Victory
Radio Showmanship<>(1940-49)
CBS Program Books (1937 <>and

David Pierce
Media History Digital Library <>

On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 8:27 PM, Sam Brylawski <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> I don't recall reading an announcement of this here. If I'm mistaken I hope
> you'll agree that it's well worth a new mention.
> The great Media History Project that scans media serials for the Internet
> Archive, and provides a handy front end for them, has added runs of Talking
> Machine World; the 1896 Phonoscope; and the Edison Phonograph Monthly to
> its already rich holdings.
> Congrats and thanks to David Pierce (author of the important and
> just-published survey of extant silent films) and his team, and the staff
> of the LC Recorded Sound Reference Center.
> Have fun. My apologies to your families.
> Sam Brylawski